Residential Real Estate Services

Whether you are buying or selling property, I’m the one to help you because you can be sure that I will personally pour over the details to ensure not only that your rights and interests are protected, but also that your closing goes as smoothly as possible.

The purchase of a home is the single biggest investment that most people will make in their lifetimes.  Home ownership is a major commitment, both financially and emotionally.  And for those reasons, purchasing a home can be both a very exciting and frightening time for many people.  I am here to help.  Not only will I ensure that the details of your transaction are thoroughly handled, but I will also take the time to explain the purchase or sale process to you—every step of the way.

Residential real estate transactions can sometimes give rise to issues beyond simple contract matters.  It is for this reason that I am prepared handle all of your real estate needs, including

  • Mortgages
  • Tenants
  • Titles
  • Surveys
  • Easements
  • Encroachments
  • Adverse possession


Commercial Real Estate Services

Commercial real estate transactions generally are more complicated than residential real estate transactions because they not only involve numerous types of properties being put to many different uses, but also because they frequently involve a myriad of interconnected elements such as

  • Leases
  • Service contracts
  • Conflicting interests
  • Zoning compliance
  • Environmental
  • Surveys
  • Easements

Because of the complex issues and potential pitfalls in a commercial real estate transaction, thorough due diligence is essential.  I can assist you every step of the way, from pre-contract matters, contract negotiations, due diligence, mortgages, and, of course, the closing.


Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

When it comes to subjects that we prefer to avoid, planning for the inevitable is right at the top of the list.  Sure, you might realize that you should have a will, but the natural tendency is that we keep putting off dealing with the subject.  You might tell yourself that “oh, I’m young and healthy, so I don’t need a will,” or you might think “oh, I don’t have much, so I don’t need a will,” or you might even think that “oh, my children all get along well, I’m sure they will divide everything up fairly.”  Wrong!  Wrong!  Wrong!

Anyone who owns property and cares about what happens to that property when they pass needs an estate plan!  Also, anyone who wants to ensure that life decisions are made by the people they choose in the event they cannot make these decisions for themselves needs a life plan.   By putting together your estate and life plans now, you can effectively manage the accumulation, conservation and distribution of your assets.  This includes

  • Disposition of your assets at death
  • Retirement planning
  • Long term care planning
  • Planning for incapacity
  • Planning for the care of minor children.

So, whether your needs involve only a simple will, or more comprehensive estate planning, I will put together a plan that is right for you by drawing upon various estate planning tools, including:

  • Last Will & Testament
  • Trusts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Living Wills

I certainly appreciate that discussing our mortality is a difficult and sensitive subject.  I know that discussing financial and family matters is also highly personal.  In addition, I realize that many people simply have not previously considered these questions and are unaware of what options are available to them.  It is for these reasons that I promise I will take the time to learn about your life goals and objectives and your hopes and dreams.  Then, once I understand your needs and concerns, together we will roll up our sleeves and get to work developing a plan that is right for you.